Best 5 AI Courses for Beginners

Why study artificial intelligence?

You would be better off studying how to take advantage of AI than wasting time searching Google for answers to questions like “will AI take my job?” Here are few best AI courses for beginners

The tool AI is that kind of tool which makes every individuals works easy, no matter how they feel about it. This holds true for everyone in between, including authors, programmers, project managers, HR specialists, marketers, and salespeople.

The good news is that learning how to use AI doesn’t require you to be a tech whiz. The power of new models is giving artificial intelligence (AI) a moment, but part of what’s making AI so newsworthy is how easily accessible it is.

1. DeepLearning.AI

Deep Knowledge.AI is an educational technology business whose mission is to spread awareness of artificial intelligence worldwide. Dr. Andrew Ng, the company’s CEO, is essentially the world’s foremost authority on artificial intelligence. 

Despite the fact that the course materials state you should be able to finish it in less than ten hours. The modules could take a lot longer to finish because there are eight to ten films in each block and an exam at the conclusion.

2. Building Generative AI Skills for Business Professionals (LinkedIn)

LinkedIn is one site that understands the importance of upskilling. It is therefore not unexpected that there is a ton of instructional AI video content already available on LinkedIn Learning, as you can see by conducting a search on the platform.

There is a Career Essentials in Generative AI program that focuses on the definition and practical applications of generative AI for those who are relatively new to the field. All the things that will enable you to use AI at work.

It will take you about 15 hours to complete this content path, and if you pass the final exam, you will receive a Microsoft Professional Certificate that you can post on LinkedIn.

3.Generative AI Learning Path (Google)

It should come as no surprise that Google is also providing a wide range of instructional materials and online courses on AI. If you’re looking for something more advanced, Google has a 12-hour course called AI for Everyone through EdX.

Large language models, responsible AI use, and generative AI will all be covered in this beginning course. The courses that make up the learning route are available through Google Cloud’s Skills Boost program. 

It has been advised by google to choose one course a day while going through the , courses etc. There are more material-intensive blocks than others, and 300 credits are awarded for finishing a course.

4.Artificial Intelligence for Business Specialization

 AI for Business Specialization course covers wide range of topics that the University of Pennsylvania is offering through Coursera. There are four modules in the course:

  • Basics of AI for Non-Data Scientists
  • Financial and Marketing Applications of AI
  • Applications of AI in Human Resources
  • AI Policy and Oversight

Although the curriculum is intended for managers and business leaders, the course is appropriate for novices. Its main goal is to present a comprehensive picture of these various branches of AI and their interrelationships. Apart from this it provides knowledge on how AI can be used effectively on various departments of your office 

 For every module, you will also be required to participate in peer-reviewed examinations. A certificate is received when this is passed that can be posted on linkedin.


It has several online learning platforms with a variety of introductory-level AI courses. One excellent illustration is the EdX course AI for Everyone: Master the Basics,  provides a fairly basic introduction to AI in under eight hours of content.

It comes in three sections. The first provides an overview of AI and its uses in the workplace. The next two blocks are only available in IBM’s own product, despite the fact that they are more beneficial. First, you will learn about IBM Watson, their generative AI product. Next, you will learn how to use Watson to create a chatbot that doesn’t require any programming.


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